Юлий, работавшая в Войс Сервис

I’d been working in this company for 2 years, but becoming a mother made me to take a “break”. I’m very grateful for this job opportunity in such a small town. I’d never met chiefs (company management), who listen to you, help to solve any issue you have at work or outside it (if you need), value and appreciate you as a person first of all, always make promotions, parties, “happy hours” etc. I miss you, guys, and hope to be back soon!


Андрей, работавший брокером в Войс Сервисе

I’ve started working in Voice Service being the third-year student. I was willing to develop my lingual skills (as you work with native speakers) and to earn some money. After a couple of month I understood that this work is very dynamic and challenging, but at the same time interesting and with a lot of carrier opportunities. It has a very profession and ambitious team, who taught me all the “tricks” and shared all the necessary knowledge. Now I graduated from university and moved abroad. Thanks to my manage my time, overcome difficulties, but the best is fluent English.


Валентина, работавшая в Войс Сервисе

I’d been working in “Voice Service” since it’s beginning but due to family issues had to move to another city. I cat describe working here as “the best place to work”. There’s stability, nice colleagues, interesting job, career development, good bonus system, high quality staff.