Without working experience

They say there exist so-called life paradox of job search. Everybody who just starts his working career, especially students and young professionals, faces it. The objective of the paradox is that you cannot find a job without experience, but to get any experience without getting a job is also impossible. 73% of the employers prefer to hire people with at least a year experience behind them. This contradiction is against any logic. In such a way, job search, even if it is not in your specialty, is often delayed for weeks or even months.


According to the statistics for 2017, 393 vacancies with no work experience required were opened in Ukraine. Among them:

  • 81.1% with a salary up to 11.000 UAH
  • 7.6% with a salary up to 28.000 UAH
  • 4.1% of a salary from 11.000 to 22.000 UAH

Salaries of such levels are found in large Ukrainian cities, like Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkov, and Dnipropetrovsk. Cherkasy, with a population of 285.577, does not have such numbers, as an average wage level of a professional with diplomas and experience is 13.500 UAH.
Statistics on wages
In addition, we are facing the following question, what young and inexperienced should do in Cherkasy. For many applicants, it is not an option to go to the capital, as they cannot leave the city because of a number of reasons. Freelancer’s work will not provide you with desired career growth and stable work schedule. Rely on part-time work and get stuck with the routine of hated work is also not an option.

Western approach to recruiting

Most job seekers who failed with a job search just give up and apply for any job that they can find, while others continue to fight and make it their way. In such a way, foreign companies determine their future employees from the candidates. The main rule says that great potential is determined by lack of experience. Experience is not that important since strong potential depends upon the following:

  • Desire to explore and learn a new field;
  • Curiosity;
  • Working ethics;
  • Communication skills;
  • Determination.

European recruiters use these criteria to select the perfect candidate. With the help of this approach, foreign companies are more efficient, productive and profitable.

Cherkasy – starting platform for a career

Nowadays the city of Cherkasy has a tendency for rapid development of infrastructure. The development can be observed in the expansion of the service segment, the opening of new companies and vacancies. For example, according to the data from a famous job search website, 54 new job openings with no work experience were opened for last 24 hours, and for the last 7 days – 218 of them. The percentage of employment in different spheres of activity also shows positive results:
Statistics on employment

European companies see the potential in our city, and Voice Service Company, with its main office in Israel, is not an exception. As it was mentioned before, foreign businessmen look at the potential of the applicants from another angle, they are completely different from our local ones. It provides us with great advantages, as they are ready to invest in you and to teach you how to work in a new field.

Voice Service is a leading company in the field of telecommunications, programming and marketing services. Our team consists of young professionals, who have just graduated from university or are finishing. The fact is that young and ambitious minds are highly valued by the founders of the company; we believe that their energy should be channeled to the right direction. We do not require 5 years of experience, all you need is a desire to work and to earn, and the rest you will be taught by the leading experts of the company. If you want to find vacancies and requirements or to send resume – click here.