Work for students

Students of the 21st century

Older generations, especially when they feel nostalgic, often say that time when you are a student is the most beautiful and carefree time in your life. Maybe it is the truth, but not in the 21st century, when there exist a huge problem of economic instability in Ukraine. Nowadays, every fourth student seriously considers employment, as he can’t afford enjoying his best years of study and fun with no financial background.

Reasons for job search can be different.

Why do students look for a job

As the statistics shows, all the reasons of employment among students are leading towards realization of their potential. However, where should a student look for a job and where he can try himself?

Always in search

We are always in search of something new and unknown. The desire to grow and develop is inherent in every person, especially when you are a student. However, as the practice shows, most fresh vacancies in the labor market for students are not paid as much as they would like they were. But even this doesn’t prevent students from getting into the ranks of white-collar workers. According to the data of social surveys among students of higher educational institution:

  • 24% of students have a stable work;
  • 43% of students work from time to time;
  • 33% of students live on scholarships or with parents help.

The numbers show a positive tendency in favour of ambitions and diligence. A couple of years ago, work and career in Cherkasy even with low salary seemed like a very unrealistic prospect. Nevertheless, the situation has changed. Employers want to see young people in their ranks, so they offer good working conditions and high wages. So here is the main question, where is this vacancy for a student hiding?

Future in students

Most, who failed to find a work in their hometown, want to earn money abroad during the holidays. On the one hand, the idea is not bad as you can explore a new country, but on the other, there is a big risk of being defrauded with the promised sum of money. And are you sure, that you prefer jobs like, gathering strawberries in Germany or oranges in Turkey, when a good job for students in Cherkasy is real.

Students are ambitious people, who strive to get a decent salary and experience. Experience is probably even in the first place. Now there is a demand for work with knowledge of English language. The city of Cherkassy has a developed infrastructure, which allows you to establish business contacts and conduct business through outsourcing. A lot of foreign investors and entrepreneurs see great potential in Ukrainian students, and are ready to hire them and to teach them the subtleties of this or that specialization. Voice Service, a Cherkasy branch with its main office in Israel, is also such a company.

Who are you, Voice Service?

We are a leading company in the field of telecommunications, marketing and software development. Our team consists of young people who are still studying or have just graduated from universities, and it provides you with an excellent chance to work in our company and to get education. We treat students with understanding and provide them with great working conditions. For many students there is a cliché that serious companies hire only people with work experience. However, this cliché is outdated.

Work in Voice Service company starts with a paid internship. Training is conducted under the guidance of the leading experts in sales, customer service and business negotiations. What is required from you is the desire to work and to earn. We offer:

  • Flexible schedule, that will allow you easily to combine work and study;
  • Personal approach to work;
  • Fostering the development of the potential of employees.

If by education you are the translator, linguist, marketer, manager, developer – this will be a big advantage in the student’s CV. Advanced knowledge of English language will add extra bonuses to fixed salary and will provide you with a promising start to a career. More information about the vacancies and requirements can be found here. The student’s CV will be considered first.