Work for linguists in Cherkassy

According to the data provided by the majority of recruiting companies, headhunters and employment experts – advanced level of English is necessary for a successful career and seriously influences wage level. Work with the knowledge of English provides you with considerable dividends and professional development in such spheres as finance, trade, press, marketing and Internet technologies.

An interesting fact: on average Ukrainians know three foreign languages and English is in their majority. If we compare to Western or European countries, most of the people there know only one foreign language. Pleasant statistics for Ukrainians. In this article, we will discuss the importance of English in work.

Profession of linguist and its advantages

Nowadays the profession of the linguist is in demand in the labour market and can provide you with many opportunities for successful career growth. A person, who decides to learn English in perfection and to use it in practice, is called a philologist or linguist. The reasons for such a decision can be different; the most common are the following:
Reasons to study and learn English


Translator linguist is a multifunctional profession, as philologist can be involved in various spheres of activity. As the practice shows:

  • 13% of linguists work in the banking and financial sectors;
  • 37% in the IT industry;
  • 10% in the tourism and restaurant business;
  • 14% use knowledge of English in the service sector;
  • 26% in Sales.

So, we come to a small conclusion: work of a linguist is necessary always and everywhere. See yourself:

  • for the last 30 days in Cherkasy were published 52 fresh vacancies with the requirement of English language skills;
  • 22 vacancies were published during the last week;
  • Five vacancies 24 hours ago;
  • 2 vacancies with knowledge of German.

Let’s draw the second conclusion: knowledge of English is a priority

Career for a linguist in the Voice Service Company

You strive to develop your communication skills, work in a young and friendly team and to become a professional with a decent salary. Work with the knowledge of German, English or French is a priority, it brings pleasure, and you are eager to build your future career in this specialty – then Voice Service is ready to provide you with such an opportunity.

Voice Service is a leading company in the field of telecommunications, marketing and software development. Our team consists of ambitious and creative people of all ages, who have already become professionals in their fields. We provide an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to realize themselves in this or that branch of the company. Logically let’s come to the conclusion, we always have work for a linguist, and the rest we will teach you.

If by education, you are a translator linguist and every day you look for fresh vacancies related to English – go to our website, and send us your CV. We do not require a lot of work experience and we will not make you search for clients. All you need is a desire to work and earn. Now, the company opens the recruitment for the following positions:

  • Account manager;
  • Specialist/consultant in finance;
  • Broker (with high skills in English and German languages).

Your work will be decently paid, starting with internship. The training is conducted under the guidance of the leading experts of the company. The company’s office is located in the center of the city, is fully equipped with all the technologies and gadgets necessary for the productive work. One of the main advantages is a flexible schedule, personal approach to work and the development of communicative skills.